Saturday June 9th, 2018



Celebrate Charlotte Olympia’s 10th anniversary with a new glamorous and playful beachwear collection by Adriana Degreas.

Luxury shoes and accessories brand, Charlotte Olympia, celebrates its 10th anniversary by collaborating with beachwear designer, Adriana Degreas, starring Sabine Getty in a joyful and glamorous campaign.

Combining Adriana’s iconic designs with Charlotte’s signature Pin-Up aesthetic results in an ensemble of timeless leopard print, tutti frutti appliqué, lip silhouettes and feline features starring Sabine Getty in a joyful and glamorous campaign.

Vintage Hollywood’s leading ladies inspired a modern interpretation of classic 1950’s shapes. High waisted hot pants are paired with structured kiss-shaped tops in powder pink and retro red, whilst rouched panels on strapless swimsuits are matched with vintage style swim-caps with coquettish cat ears.

Adriana Degreas’ iconic bikini ‘hands’ is reinterpreted with paws inspired by Charlotte Olympia’s leopard mascot, Bruce and animal print is prominent in a variety of silhouettes from string bikinis to elegant chiffon cover-ups. A highlight of the collection features Charlotte’s signature Kitty face in several styles including a selection for little girls.

Tropical designs come to life with the exotic charm and spirit of Rio de Janeiro: verdant swimsuits are showcased in nude tulle with colorful fruit applications reminiscent of the Brazilian bombshell, Carmen Miranda.

Exclusive knotted pool slides in gold leather with Lycra complete and complement a collection of vintage poolside glamour for the modern day Pin-Up.

The limited collection will be launched at Bergdorf Goodman on July 27 and in prestigious retail stores worldwide. And you can shop Pre Order the limited collection now at

Pre Orders shipment window: June 30 – July 15

Exclusive official launch June 27 at Bergdorf Goodman, 5th Avenue at 58th street.


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